Friday, February 25, 2011

The Anal and Spanking Story, part 3

We had been to the local toy store (Part 2) and headed home.

When we arrived home it was late, nearly midnight. We had burned up a lot of time at the store. Having perspired some at dance, we both got showers. Then it was time to play. We got out the toys and cleaned and sanitized them thoroughly. We sure didn't want anyone else's cooties. We started with nursing a little while. As usual, this made K horny. She got wet very quickly, part of which is due to all the toy store fun we had and the anticipation. She moved me to eat her pussy. After eating some, she reached for the new egg vibe. She switched to the wivibe. Soon she had an orgasm and decided it was my turn.

We cuddled for a little bit then K wanted the new paddle. The paddle is heavy and has metal studs in it that adds even more weight. I told K that she would have to be careful with it working her way up with force. She did. She started out light, getting the feel of the paddle and my response to it. She quickly worked it up. It wasn't long, within a few strokes, that she knew just how much I could take. Wow! That thing packs a wallop. I could tell K wasn't swinging very hard, yet the weight did the job. I was soon squirming, sometimes letting out little yelps. Sometimes K would pause between swings about three seconds, and then sometimes use rapid fire. The rapid ones were intense. With the slower paced ones, I had time to recoil and get ready for the next. To finish up, K gave a longer series of harder, faster, rapid fire swats. It was so intense that it was touching me deeply. Just as she stopped, I was about to break into tears. I was almost at the point to start crying openly, letting out my emotions.

Yes, it is an emotional experience. I described in "Part 1" how that it "equalizes" me with K. Tonight, again, I find the same response. Even more so. This was an even more intense spanking session, the presence of the paddle adding to it. During the spanking, K oft times told me she love me, stopping to soothe my butt with her hand, before resuming the spanking. It was a glorious experience, wrapped in love and emotion. I succumbed to her. I was laying down all my reserves and breaking down walls to allow her in this close to me. After the spanking was done, I felt as close as Thursday night, maybe more.

I later told K that I wished she had continued the session a little longer, that I had almost started crying. To me that is a good thing. I consider crying a good thing. It lets me release pent up frustration, hurts, and anger. If I were to start crying, it would allow me to destroy walls and let K into my heart even farther than she is now. It would build the bond between us even greater than it presently is. K was very thoughtful of this and I think that next time she may well spank until I am sobbing in her arms. That would be the absolute best outcome of all.

Next came the anal toy pictured above. We followed directions that I received on Chastity Forums and from some helpful comments on a previous blog. We lubed it up well with some water-based lube and went slowly. Turning on the incorporated vibrator helped a lot. It made relaxing much easier. How did it feel? It felt like a vibrating probe placed in my ass! (laughing) Actually, it felt good. It was of course unusual to me, but I could see where it might have possibilities. K used the probe on me, searching for the best spot for pleasurable sensations. After a little of this play, I asked K to get on top, which she did, riding me to a very good orgasm. It ranked right up there with some of my best.

I suppose because, we did shower first, used lots of lube and was careful, it wasn't a bad experience. At one place, while K was inserting the probe, there was some pain, but that was quickly remedied and on we went. I previously had been concerned with smell and mess from playing this way, but it was ok. There was actually very little smell or mess at all. The vibrations did excite and add to my orgasm. I can see where we may very well experiment with anal play. Will it be something we use often? I don't know. Will it be something we use in the future at all, after we decide just what we do think of it. I don't know. That decision has obviously not been made yet. We will continue to experiment I'm sure. Either way, it will have been worth the while.

Time will tell.

Thanks to all who offered helpful information.


  1. Good for you! :)
    Welcome to the club. hehe
    Sounds like you had a really good first experience. Want to know what makes it better?
    practice, practice, practice. have fun with it!

  2. Got to agree with foxy on this one. Practice makes perfect and it so incredibly fun. LOL Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this blog. I've found them very interesting and inspiring.

    Goddess H.

  3. Foxy,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, the first was good. We'll see about the practice!


  4. Goddess H,

    I enjoying writing on the blog. I have found that writing clears my mind to think clearly about what I am feeling and contemplating. I'm sure we will practice more in the future and hopefully the fun will develop. As of right now, it is still an experimental thing, and a relatively new experience. Being such, I still have to get used to the idea and get more "comfortable" with it mentally. I'm willing to give it continued effort, for a while anyway.

    Thanks for commenting,


  5. Sounds like a good start to it all. I'm sure you've read about the P-spot by now, and that straight plugs will have difficulty in safely stimulating it. If you find you like it enough to get another toy, curved is amazing.

    Do be warned: as great as it can feel, anal too often can cause hemmorhoids to flare up.

    I was formerly the anonymous asking about MCD, I think I'll go by this when I comment from now on...don't mind the wikipedia link, I have nothing else to link to and don't want to be anon.

  6. Eff,

    Thanks for commenting. All in all, it was a good experience. Fortunately, I don't have problems with hemorrhoids. Thanks for the warning though.

    Glad you are using some identity now. In case you don't know, it is easy enough to get your own identity her on Blogger, even if you don't blog. It's just a thought.