Sunday, February 13, 2011

A GOYO????

K and I have adopted a term for her status as my KH. That term is GOYO. What the hell is a GOYO? It plays with the term Goddess. After we played with the label for a s while, me calling her my Goddess playfully, it developed farther. It was at a time when we were just beginning to explore male chastity together. I had told K before that I was willing to let her control my orgasms, saving them all for her. She was getting used to the idea. K then said that she was now my GOYO!

Goyo! Well, I had to ask, "What does that mean?"

K replied, "It means Goddess Of Your Orgasm."

Perfect. It was a playful term, an acronym for what our play was developing into. It stuck. Ever since adopting the term, K quickly assumed the role. With the label Goyo, she realized that she now did have control, with a title to verify it. And, she has taken that control ever since. She now decides what device I will wear every day. She keeps me locked all the time when out of her presence, and a lot of the time in her presence.

I must say, K is a wonderful Goyo. She keeps my orgasms controlled nicely. I am never out of her presence without some device locked on her dick. The control however, does not mean that she is denying me of orgasms. It only means that all my orgasms are with her. She loves sex. She loves her dick. She loves her dick being inside of her. She has no real intentions of denying me sexual pleasure or gratification. She DOES deny me of having said pleasure by myself. When either of us is horny, wanting lovemaking, wanting orgasms, we usually do our best to accommodate the other's need.

Feeling controlled. Having a Goyo. Enjoying lots of lovemaking with my Goyo. Meeting each other's needs. Ahhhhh….it's a wonderful life!

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