Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day Away From The Norm

Fresh Haircut

Yesterday, K and I were getting ready to take a day off from the norm. We had reservations at a resort only about 20 miles away for the night. We had cuddled, drank coffee, made love, with K having a good orgasm from pussy eating with use of a vibrator at the same time. We had showered and were in the process of getting ready. We had mentioned over the past week that both of us were in need of a fresh haircut. When we were getting ready to leave for the resort, we both agreed that we would like haircuts before we left. Out came the clippers. K went first, laying on the bed while I clipped away all hair from her wonderful pussy. She really did well this time. Last time she squirmed, shrieked, and guarded to the point that it was difficult to even get started. I guess I learned how to give it better and she did very well, laying there calmly as I completed the job.

Next, I again laid my butt on the bed and she hacked away at the hair that had grown out. It didn't take her long to complete the job. Above, you can see the result of her handiwork. We both showered again and continued with our preparations for the day, evening, and next morning.

We arrived at the resort. It was only going to be a one nighter because we both had to work Monday. She had to leave by 7:00am and I had to work that night (damn night shift!). K had also made reservations for the Sunday brunch at the resort restaurant. It was my first time there, but not K's. Wow! This place was wonderful. The food was all delicious, set up in somewhat of a buffet style, with elegance. We ate until we had even slightly overeaten. We enjoyed lounging at the pool for a while. I had not been able to nurse that morning and was really in need. K and I had our lounge chairs scooted close together where we could somewhat cuddle up while we relaxed. One thing led to another. I cuddled up to sweet K. I was longing for her breasts and moved my face to rest against them, enjoying the touch of her womanly skin, since we were wearing bathing suits (ah, the pleasures of living in the deep south). She cradled my head there and I relaxed, feeling comforted a little. It was not long though and I was moving her swimsuit out of the way discreetly making her nipple available for nursing. I snuggled in, taking her wonderful nipple into my mouth. I suckled there for a few minutes as she covered me with her arm to disguise the appearance as simply a man cuddling up to his lover in a benign loving embrace. It was all so discreet, yet it was amazingly wonderful. After nursing for a few minutes, I was relieved, having a need met in my heart for closeness. We carefully maneuvered to cover K's breast as I moved away. Oh my goodness, it was heaven on earth!

The resort we were at, was not one of which you could show such public displays of affection openly. So, we made do and made it work anyway. K is absolutely wonderful. She makes allowances for such situations if possible. She enjoys public intimacy as much as I do. Later that night, I explained to K that it really meant a lot to me that I was able to nurse by the pool. I really did need it badly. She smiled and said that she enjoyed it too. We BOTH needed the intimacy that nursing gives us. Yeah, we could have retired to our room then, instead of nursing by the pool, but the spontaneity was part of what made it so wonderful.

That evening, we strolled the grounds, enjoying the beauty of it all. We sat and enjoyed a glass of wine and talked. That is one thing that K and I do well: talk. We are both great communicators and enjoy discussing anything of interest. After the wine, we decided to go back to our room and nurse some more. To the room we went, with me being full of anticipation. We undressed and cuddled under the covers. I moved longingly to her breasts as she guided me to her nipple, taking her breast in her hand and placing it in my open mouth. I sweetly moaned as I took her in. It was soooooo good. I suckled there for a little while and K started getting horny. It wasn't long before she pulled me over on top of her. Shortly after that, she moved indicating that she wanted me to eat her pussy. I showed my appreciation, telling her how I wanted to eat it, giving her pleasures, fulfilling her need, taking care of her pussy. I asked if I could, if I could eat it her pussy, if she would allow me to go down on her and eat her to orgasm. With each second, she became more and more lusty for it and pushed me down. Aaaah…. her pussy was so good. I ate her and soon she came, HARD. She squeezed my head with her legs. She took my head in her hands and pulled my face into her pussy, harder than she has ever done before. She ground her pussy into my face and squeezed more with her legs. This is the thing that I live for! I love her orgasms, and this was the best ever, with her giving such forcefulness in pressing my face deep in her pussy folds. Afterward, we made love with me getting a wonderful orgasm too. We BOTH now had two orgasms for the day! Life is Grand!

We cleaned up and went to the lounge, eating appetizers, having a drink, and dancing the night away. Returning to our room, we went to bed quickly. K snuggled up to me and I wrapped my arms around her. She was laying on my chest. She turned her head slightly and began to suck on my nipple. Sweet! Occasionally, K likes to nurse too, at my nipples. She suckled for a little while and drifted off to sleep. I shifted a little to get more comfortable and she awakened. She was ready for me now, and I moved to her breasts, suckling, nursing, moaning, enjoying. Then we both drifted to sleep, wrapped in each other, suckling sweetly.

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