Friday, February 11, 2011

She Forgot!!!

My blog post Yesterday was about our morning activites. Then K left for work.

After K left, I went back and sat in the bed, doing some work on the computer. Shortly my phone rang. It was K. She was laughing. She was trying to insinuate something. "You know what I forgot? You know what I did? You know what I was supposed to do? You let me leave without doing what I was supposed to do!" Of course, I acted innocent and oblivious to what she was saying. "You know! I forgot to lock you up!" Huh? Oooooh….. That! Yeah, you forgot. "You knew it didn't you?" Who me? "Yes, you knew I was leaving and forgot!?!?" Huh? What do you mean? "You know exactly what I mean! I'm coming back to lock you up, NOW! You thought you were going to get a free day, didn't you?" I replied with a "No". Surprised, she asked, "You didn't think you were maybe supposed to get a free day today, that I meant to leave you unlocked?" Again I replied "No". "Why not"

I replied, "Because, you NEVER give me a free day! You ALWAYS keep me locked up."

K replied, "Yes, I do. You NEED to be kept locked up. For me!"

I replied, "Yes, I do."

K then says that she isn't coming back to lock me up after all. I began thinking about the possibilities! Within seconds, K came walking in the door. We both burst out laughing. We quickly locked me up, with her clicking the lock shut and she again left for work.

I sat there, now locked in Kali, contemplating the possibilities for the night. After all, K had already informed me that it was her turn for an orgasm. She had also said that I was to remain locked until I had eaten her pussy to her satisfaction, with her having a good orgasm. I like it that way. I like eating her pussy while being locked. Being locked up makes me want to eat her pussy badly. It enhances the desire in me to eat her pussy, with little regard for my own orgasm while doing so. It somehow makes me crave eating her and causes me to enjoy it IMMENSELY more. It is as though being locked attunes me more to her pussy and responses while pleasuring her with my tongue.

So much for a free day!


  1. Love the post... really, love the post. I'm surprised there aren't a dozen comments here saying the same thing.

    Thanks for sharing and hope your days are as fun going forward.

  2. Grey Owl,

    Thanks for the comments. I do wonder how many other KHs would come back to ensure lock up. (smiling)