Friday, February 18, 2011

What Might You Do?

Have you ever wondered what you MIGHT do?

There are a few things I said I would never do. When I was growing up as a teenager, I wondered what in the world people could possibly see consider desirable in anal sex. This was basically rooted in the thought of a man penetrating a woman. What could a man get out of sticking his dick up a woman's poop hole!?!? The biggest detriment was simply the thought of fecal matter on my dick and the smell. Ewwww….YUCK! I have to say, it still holds no charm to me, neither does the thought of it enter into any of my fantasies.

In two marriages and a my wonderful girlfriend, K, when it came time to lay ground rules for lovemaking, one of the things I would lay down was that I played with no one's asshole, and no one is playing with mine. Even with K, whom I have known just over a year, I have always maintained the same rule.

Hmmmm….. How things change.

Lately, I have been intrigued by the thought of anal play. I suppose it is the oft mentioned practice in some of the chastity blogs I have read. It seems that it can be an enjoyable practice. Am I changing the rules? Well, it's a thought. Am I interested in exploring anal play? Well, that's a thought too. Would I be willing to incorporate it into our lovemaking? Hmmmm…..I might be willing to give it a try. I no longer rule it out.

K and I have been discussing it a little bit, lately. I'm finding the subject a little exciting now, thinking of having my anal areas explored. I think I would like to at least see what it is all about, to see if I am missing something. I'm thinking K may be interested in doing this to me too. She may be willing or wanting to accommodate me, using toys on my ass, to go down another road of discovery together.

We will see.

Ya know,….. I'm finding more all the time,…….I may even be kinkier than I originally thought!

(smiling….sort of)


  1. First off, don't call it a "poop hole." Think of your anus (and K's, too) as an erogenous zone waiting to be explored. Imagine...a brand new part of your body, full of sensitive nerve endings and exciting feelings--virginal and untouched. How exciting is that?

    Second, take time to do some research and reading. It helps to have knowledge of the anatomy of the area and how things work.

    Third, if it hurts, you're not doing it right. This is why I suggest my hint above--knowing what you are doing helps. Also, take it slow, use lots of lube, and relax. If you're all tense and anxious it will hurt which leads to a negative feedback cycle.

    I posted a few links for interesting articles over on the chastity forum (your post on Why Anal?).

    Have fun!


  2. I don't know, other than maybe her finger gently touching, I think of my anus as exit only. And her's the same.

  3. I think it's great to continue to learn and grow, and be willing to explore and try new things when you play. Keeps you young!

    Dev summed up the practical side pretty well. Butt play can be fun! Why not try it? You can start with a gloved finger and work your way up. Use plenty of lube. Check out the prostate - lots of sensation there.

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    Dev, I appreciate all the info you have given. I have seen the links on Chastity Forums but have not yet had the time to investigate. Again, thanks. I will have a look at the earliest opportunity.


    Yes, it is great to always be on a path of discovery. Interestingly, Friday night, we did experiment with anal play some. Jury's still out, but I will be experimenting with it more in the future, just to see if it really is beneficial to us enough to continue.


    I smiled at your comments. I too felt the same way you did. It is only since reading of the practice in these type blogs did I even consider the possibility.

    Again, thanks to all. Comments are always appreciated.


  5. First off, thanks for the pictures of PK (I'm the one that asked). I'm still trying to see how those two pictures are of the same device, the old pictures looks like one row of plastic with teeth.

    As for anal, I got bored one day and had a glove lying around. I had always sworn it off, but I had heard it was very pleasurable. Turns out, it really is. Just start slow and lubed up, and start very small. Use either a condom on fingers or a VERY well lubed glove (and apply more lube often) to keep it safe and slippery.

    My first dilso was a doubled ended glass one with progressively larger heads, and the trick is to start small and work up slowly. If you get stuck and don't think you can go further, gently pull back a little and then slowly push more. After a few minutes, it slides easily.

    If you find the prostate (easiest with a prostate or G-spot), it's quite amazing. Men can actually precum from anal alone, and a few can fully orgasm from it. Precum feels amazing and all, but it leaves you still hard and with desire. I know I cum considerably more after anal, and feel more release when a regular ejaculation is finished. I also find that cumming with it still in me increases the pleasure. Once I cum, there's really no more desire to continue.

    Although it's counterintuitive, poop before you do anal. Poop builds in the colon, and you'll find it through anal if you don't expel it. Also, pee before you start. The pressure in the general area is more than enough to make you go if you've been holding it.

    If you find you like receiving, consider asking K to strapon. With the right partner, I imagine it can be a very rewarding experience. Just start small.

    Always start and end clean. Have fun!

  6. Anonymous,

    K and I have now had one love making session where we explored anal play. Details will be forthcoming in a future post. Thanks for commenting.