Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a way to start the morning

K and I awoke this morning to the sound of her alarm clock, which has the sound of crashing waves and seagulls calling. We snuggled up and I nursed for a nice while, switching back and forth on her breasts. Sometimes, K has little droplets of milk form on her nipples when she works at expressing by hand. When I nurse, I can taste her milk occasionally. It is something we are both glad for. We are hoping that she will continue to increase in ability to produce milk and someday I can lay there at her breasts and nurse with milk flowing into my mouth. It is a goal we have, with both of us desiring it greatly.

As I nursed, K became horny. She moved my hand to caress her pussy area, just above the lips. Soon, becoming more desirous for lovemaking, she moved me on top of her, guiding me to enter her. We made love for a short time. I became hot, beginning to perspire. This is usually a killer, and kill it did. Quickly, I lost my erection. I lay on top of K for a short time then she rolled me to be beside her and nursing resumed. She then rolled to her other side where I could spoon closely behind her. I like that position too. It wasn't long until I had another full raging erection. Only problem was, now K wanted coffee. I told her that I would play the coffee fairy and make her coffee. I did ask though if we could try having sex again before the coffee because I was incredibly horny. I knew, if I got out of bed to make coffee, the lovemaking would be over. K needed to get up soon to get ready for work (today is my day off).

K is so sweet. She really does want to take care of my needs for affection and lovemaking as much as I want to take care of hers. She agreed to trying another round of sex and moved me to get on top again. As I moved over her, I asked for her to guide me in (we both laugh that I am a terrible "driver"). I went into her easily as her hand guided her dick to the opening of her pussy. I began stroking in and out. after only a very little time, K wanted to change positions. We call it "entering from behind" because K does not like the term "doggy style". Changing positions, I guided her dick into K's pussy again (I am a much better driver in this position!). Sex rarely lasts long this this way. It is one of my favorites and the QUICKEST to accomplish making me come. Come I did!!! Woohoo!

Okay, we are both done. K is craving her coffee. As promised, I promptly, dutifully, got up and made the coffee she desires so much in the morning. While performing the task, K calls from the bed, "It's my turn tonight! I want an orgasm! You have to take care of me with your tongue!" I responded that I wanted to and that would be the goal for tonight. The coffee was now ready. Nice and strong coffee. She likes it that way, adding some Creme Brulee creamer and sweetener. Bringing it to her while she was still in bed lounging before getting ready for work, she was happy, and I was happy. We enjoyed the coffee together.

Time is up. Time to go. K got up, got ready for work and left.

What a great way to start the day: nursing, making love, spooning, making more love, an orgasm for me, wonderfully strong coffee to share with K. It was all so good!


  1. Sounds perfect to me.
    AND you make the coffee? Lucky K!
    Congrats on your progress, too :)

  2. Coffee is an important part of starting or day. One of us HAS to play the coffee fairy. Usually it is me, but sometimes K will treat me by being Coffee Fairy for the morning.

    Thanks for commenting,