Friday, February 11, 2011

Kali All Night…..Aurgh!

Last night didn't turn out quite as I expected. K and I met at 7:00 for some lessons we've been taking. We left there at 8:30. Arriving at my house, I built a fire in the fireplace and K cooked me a little something to eat, along with some delicious buttered rum to drink. We then settled down, snuggling in front of the fire, enjoying the food and drink. We moved closer to the fire by laying on a cushion on the floor. We snuggled there a little while and became sleepy. We opted to move to the bedroom.

We did the usual preparations for going to bed, including K washing her pussy for possible eating. K went and got her keys and laid them on the window sill above the bed. Hmmmmmm……. What was that supposed to mean? Well, I WAS still locked in Kali. She DID say it was her turn for an orgasm, especially since I had one that morning and she didn't. She ALSO said that I needed to be locked while I gave her one.


Okay, so I am still locked. Okay, the keys are on the window sill. Okay, we are going to snuggle up. Okay….K had washed her pussy! Okay……it looks like I get to eat her pussy to bring her to orgasm. Ahhhh…..seems like a plan! We snuggled up in bed. She felt so good! K ALWAYS feels good. She moved me to her breasts to nurse. THOSE WONDERFUL BREASTS….K has such wonderful breasts! I took her nipple into my mouth and began to nurse, wishing for milk. The next thing I know…..


I was starting to doze off when I felt K do one of those jerks when tension is relaxing from the body, and she began to "snore" sweetly, making those breathing sounds as she does when she is sleeping well. I simply maintained my latch on her breast and quickly drifted off to sleep too.

5:00 this morning, I wake up to pain-in-the-dick! Kali was biting me! Hard! I had morning wood! And Kali didn't like it. I awoke in pain! I rolled over and moaned quietly. I then got up, went to the bathroom and peed. Ahhh….end of the wood. Getting back in bed, I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't.

K and I have had the understanding that I would not have to sleep in Kali. Also, I would not have to sleep in any CD when we sleep together. This necessary for me to get adequate sleep. I work shift-work and sleep is of prime importance to me, since my sleep cycles are crappy anyway. K had actually teased me a little last night that she kind of thought that I should be okay to sleep in Kali. I really did figure it was a tease, but at the same time, I had the feeling that maybe she might actually want me to sleep in Kali all night.

Here I was awake, hurting somewhat from Kali's bite, with only five hours sleep, and feeling frustrated. I was not sexually, orgasmically frustrated, but frustrated from having been "left" to sleep in Kali all night. It started working on my mind. I became a little aggravated. I considered that maybe K really did want me to be in Kali all night. That was against "the rules"! I am frustrated with not enough sleep too. It came to a place in my mind that I am suffering from Kali, against the rules, and K is sleeping soundly beside me, without care that I was not doing well with it all.

To be fair, I also had other thoughts. I realized that we were both tired last night. We had been loving when we went to bed. The indication was that I was going to eat K's pussy last night, and then be unlocked. It wasn't really anyone's fault that we had both fallen asleep before we had gotten that far. Well, you know how that goes: regardless of fair reason, sometimes we let the situation get the best of us.

The alarm clock went off at 6:30 for K to get up. We snuggled up some to nurse, but I couldn't get into it. I was too upset. I told K that she needed to unlock Kali from me. Afterward, we resumed nursing. I still was in a bad emotional place. I had to talk. I simply told K how I was feeling. I knew that if I told her soon, I would recover from the "bad" feelings and we could get on with living happily, loving included. I explained it all to her. She understood. She apologized. I accepted. It was better now, for me. Then K felt a little funky. She felt distanced some from the conversation. She rolled to her other side and I spooned behind her: that's what she wanted.

We talked some more. I was not feeling all mushy, in love. I told her so, telling her how I loved her and was glad for what we have and share in love. We talked and soothed for a little while and it all became okay for us both. She rolled back to face me and moved me to nurse again. Now it was right. It was good. My heart melted. I gushed at her breasts, moaning as I felt the exchange of love. Nursing is such a precious thing for us both. It is both loving and healing.

K enjoyed it as much as me, and as usual, she got turned on: she got horny and began to whimper. I asked her what she needed. Did she want pussy eating? Yes. "Okay. I would love to eat your pussy." She quickly got up, of her own accord, and washed her pussy to freshen up. when she came back to bed, it was time, time to get it on. I got on top of her and started kissing her again, loving her. I didn't' take long, because when K wants pussy eating, she wants it now. I moved to her breasts for a few seconds and then to her pussy. It was clean and fresh. I dove in head first,,,,,well, tongue first! I began eating her, licking her clit. I moved my hands to her breasts, massaging them as I also played with the nipples. K was ready. I did not take long. Within five minutes she had a wonderful orgasm. I enjoyed every bit as much as she did, my head squeezed between her legs as I kept my face in her pussy. Ahhhh…. her world was good again.

After her orgasm, we snuggled a little and then she was ready for her dick. I got on top and she guided me in. I guess I was ready too! In about two minutes, I came, good. Now, both of our worlds were good! We got up, I made coffee and breakfast.

K got ready for work. She put her makeup on in the living room as we both enjoyed the coffee and breakfast. Soon, she left for work. Within two minutes, she came walking back in the door. She had forgotten again!!!! In her hurry, it had slipped her mind. I jet thought that, in light of the difficulty this morning, she was actually going to give me some free time. NOPE!!!! She showed me the Hairclip Key and told me that she needed to lock me up. I dutifully got out Hairclip and she dutifully locked it on her cock! She kissed her dick and turned to leave. Kiss, Kiss. Hug, hug. "I love you", "I love you", and away she went to work.

Life is good!

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